The Leipzig Charter is currently being updated 

The (initial) Leipzig Charter contains two key policy messages:

  • Integrated urban development should be applied through Europe and, the appropriate framework should be established at national and European level in order to be successful.
  • Deprived urban neighbourhoods must increasingly receive political attention within the scope of an integrated urban development policy.
    (source : wikipedia)

The ECTP-CEU has drafted a position paper on The New Leipzig Charter

The ECTP-CEU, the European community of spatial planners, welcomes the initiative of revising the 2007 Leipzig Charter and supports the efforts of writing a New Leipzig Charter. The ECTP-CEU has been participating actively in the revision process so far, considering it to be an important step, improving the quality of urban policies in the European Union.
In this final stage of the process, the ECTP-CEU, supporting the overall structure, setup and content of the Charter and the implementation document, wishes to add a few suggestions, collected amongst its national member organisations and assembled by the Leipzig Charter Working Group.

<< read the ECTP-CEU position paper >>

<< read the ECT-CEU Reactions and suggestions on Implementation doc on The New Leipzig Charter (June 2020) >> 

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