learning from cities

A recent meeting evaluated the experiences and impressions after one year Urban Agenda for the EU.
The subject, being of high importance for Spatial Planners, relates to innovate the practice of urban development.
This official EU Council adopted policy acknowledges that the real development is located on the ground in the cities and that urban related policies should be formulated together with local experts.

Crucial are mutual learning by common experiences and experimenting with new informal procedures and solutions using imaginative approaches.
Altogether the activities and insights related to the Urban Agenda for the EU can be regarded as a great opportunity for more effective urban development as well as for our discipline, the planning practitioners.
Therefore I emphasize the importance of the Urban Agenda for our members and promote downloading and take notice of the content of a concise (13p) brochure of the Urban Futures Studio of the University of Utrecht.

The brochure: "Learning with Cities, Learning for Cities, The Golden Opportunity of the Urban Agenda for the EU”
can be downloaded through: https://www.uu.nl/sites/default/files/essay-urbanfuturesstudio-12juli-web.pdf

Jan Vogelij
ECTP-CEU Honorary President & UDG/TC Representative