AETU hosted the last ECTP-CEU General Assembly in Madrid, May 9-10
A specific conference with debates on Urban Agenda was also organised

  • Ángela de la Cruz Mera. Deputy Director of Urban Policies. Spanish Ministry of Development : The Spanish Urban Agenda 2.0: participatory process and action plan.
  • Borja López Rodríguez. AETU´s representative, member of the Spanish Urban Agenda WG: The role of spatial planners in the implementation of New Urban Agendas.
  • Carmen Moreno Balboa & María López Martínez: Analysis of New Local Urban Agenda’s implementation: keys to success.

Relevant New Urban Agenda European experiences

  • Joris Scheers. Spatial planner and Sociologist. Flander´s Government Policy advisor. ECTP-CEU’s Secretary-General. Implementing the Urban Agenda: European reflections. see presentation
  • Gerhard Vittinghoff. Civil Engineer. Spatial Planning consultant. ECTP-CEU’s Austrian delegate. Housing Policy in Austria: special reference to Vienna and Graz. see presentation
  • Kent Håkull. Head of Haugesund’s Planning división. ECTP-CEU´s Norwegian Delegate. The energy in Norway´s urban agenda: Examples of municipal transportation and housing strategies. see presentation
  • João Teixeira. Civil Engineer and Spatial Planner. President of Lisbon and Tagus Valley Regional Development Commission. Circular Economy and Urban and Regional Metabolism: the new paradigms of Spatial Planning. see presentation

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