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Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU) 



inulog200x160The INU was founded in 1930 with the aim of studying the technical, economic and social issues related to the development of urban centers and discuss issues concerning the organization and functioning of public services of a municipality.

The INU collaborates with the central government and local authorities in the study and solution of urban problems and building, and liaises with organizations or similar bodies in various countries. The INU is a member of the European Council of Town Planners.

The INU is divided into Committees and National Study Groups, to promote and encourage the development of studies and research in specific subject areas, such as: Environment/ Energy/Climate/Consumption of Soil; Landscape and Quality of the Project; Cooperation and Coordination Territorial Development; Operating Plan and Resources of the City; Participation; Policies; Infrastructures; Rating of Plans and Programs for the Government of the Territory; Contemporary City; Housing Policies; Public Spaces.

The INU also has operative branches through which it promotes the statutory activities:

 INU Edizioni, founded in 1995, publishes magazines (URBANISTICA and Urbanistica INFORMAZIONI), monographs (series of publications Urbanistica QUADERNI and Urbanistica DOSSIER), technical manuals (ManualINU). In 2001 it has launched Planum on line (, the first European online magazine addressed to the scientific, academic and technical community interested to the issues of urban development and environmental protection. Writing in this magazine turns back prestige and highest evaluation.

• Urb.It (acronym of Società Urbanistica Italiana, Italian Planning Society) was founded in 2000 to carry out studies and research on environment and land use, planning legislation and its implementation. In addition, Urb.It annually organizesUrbanpromo, the sector-reference cultural event for the urban regeneration and the urban and territorial marketing; Urbanpromo is the best place to present the good practices of public authorities and private operators; promote innovation in the government of the territory, opening new perspectives to public-private partnership. Urbanpromo offers the possibility of an advanced upgrade to administrators, business people, professionals, researchers on the most important issues of the Italian and international scene.

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