Young Planners Working Group

General Objectives

The Young Planners Workshop is an activity from the ECTP-CEU in frame of its objectives as Association that provides its members a common framework for planning practice, planning education and identifies, celebrates and rewards examples of good planning all over Europe.

Within these objectives, the Young Planners Workshop aims to provide a framework for discussion and reflection among Europeans young planners on current urban issues as well as to disseminate the principles and objectives of the European Union relating to the territorial and urban planning.

The ECTP-CEU Young Planners workshop is organised in link with two other ECTP-CEU activities: European Biennial of Towns and Town Planners and the European Urban and Regional Planning Awards.

These events are bi-annualy; so one year the Young Planners Workshop topics and meetings are shared with the Biennial and the following year with the European Awards.

Before final presentation two online audio-meetings are foreseen to enrich contents of papers, improving exchanges of experiences between participants and to identify the points of discussion for the final presentations.

As conclusion of the Workshop, the ECTP-CEU publishes an e-book with all projects and works developed and presented during the Young Planners Workshop.

Working Group Constituted at the Paris General Assembly 2011

Working Group Chair : Ignacio Pemán

Members:Ignacio Pemán, Dominique Lancrenon, Kristin Nordli, Filip Novosád, Joris Scheers