2010 - 15 Steps towards territorial cohesion

Spatial Planning Guidance

This book conveys information, main messages and recommendations which support spatial planners in their regional strategic activities.

It follows respectively the ECTP-CEU publications Try it this Way, on planning for sustainable urban development, and the New Charter of Athens 2003, which focused both on the local level.



Fifteen Steps towards Territorial Cohesion

By Jan Vogelij

About the author:
Jan Vogelij is educated as a town planner at Delft University of Technology. Since 1971 he worked as a consultant on spatial planning on local, regional, European level and abroad, outside Europe.
He was President of the Netherlands association of planners BNS(P), and President of ECTP-CEU.
Jan was co-author of the ECTP-CEU publications Try it this Way and the New Charter of Athens 2003



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