-Other Conference Papers

Presentation made by Jan Vogelij, Honorary President, during the Maribor and Edinburgh conferences
Jan Vogelij, ECTP-CEU Honorary President, texts of recent presentations on behalf of ECTP-CEU in Maribor and Edinburgh conferences

Effective Territorial Development - 19-20 April, Maribor (Slovenia)

Spatial Planning at the heart of Territorial Cohesion - 21 May, Edinburgh (Scotland, UK) - presentation + text

ECTP-CEU effective regional planning in ten steps


The Committee of the Region's White Paper on Multilevel Governance

Comments of ECTP-CEU

Professional Session presentations

Presentations of the ECTP-CEU General Assembly in Caminha (Portugal) on 6-7 November 2009

 City - the heart of humanized space”  by Prof. Manuel Costa Lobo

 Regional spatial development strategy - Innovation in decision-making” by Prof. Paulo Correia

 "Plans and Projects for the City of Sines” by Carlos Marques da Costa on behalf of Prof. Fernando Nunes da Silva

 "Four Centuries of Ibero-American city planningby Antonio Hoyuela Jayo

What Does Europe Want from the Next ESDP?

Proceedings of a conference held in London on Friday 24 October 2003 (25/02/2004)

PDF(558 Kbytes) ENCP/005

Realising Europe Through Its Cities & Regions

Proceedings of the Paris Conference, November 2002 (03/10/2003)

PDF(178 Kbytes) ENCP/004

Territorial Impact Assessment Conference

26 Oct 2001

PDF(210 Kbytes) ENCP/003

Conference on Spatial Planning and EU Enlargement

18 May 2001

PDF(387 Kbytes) ENCP/002

ESDP Conference December 2000

1 Dec 2000

PDF(306 Kbytes) ENCP/001