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It is getting harder to re-publish books. Students scan books for their classes… because students prefer to get books free on the Net with a click, rather than to buy, or go to library. --

Trausti Valsson, prof. of planning, Univ. of Iceland; has now placed his 14 books free on his page to set an example. Authors should place their out-of-print books on the Net, as their costs have been covered. It is a big loss if important books become unavailable. The cry of the day is Open Access!

Comments on Valsson´s books: Joe McBride, Prof. at LAEP, UC Berkeley: … “Shaping the Future should be required reading in introductory courses in architecture, landscape architecture, and urban planning for its insights into the field of planning in the 20th century and its ability to inspire students to be courageous, creative-thinkers.“
Prof. Sir Peter Hall, UCL London, in his preface to “Planning in Iceland”: "Trausti Valsson has achieved an extra ordinary feat of scholarship.“ ... "Valsson´s book sets a new standard in historical scholarship and provides a model for other scholars in other countries to follow.” -- Professor Valsson was the first to be awarded the Honorary Prize of The Icelandic Planners“.