• P4CA Climate Action STUDIO: From 14 to 17 October, the first P4CA Climate Action Studio took place in Zanzibar, a small island at threat of the heavy impacts of climate change. The intention is to apply the P4CA Studio approach in other contexts requiring urgent climate action. By articulating capacity-building and practice in particular locations, the P4CA Studios have the potential to help guiding planners address new pressing climate change issues. They can also demonstrate the power of urban planning practice in supporting effective climate action by national governments and local authorities. Read more here and find our recap video here. We welcome your ideas on potential other Studios in your countries. 


  • THINK PIECES: Do you have a breakthrough idea or an analysis to offer on climate action and urban and regional planning? In the last months, we have received 2 interesting new think pieces that will be shared on our website and social media, would you like to have yours also published? We invite you to submit your think-piece to make this part of P4CA grow! You can submit it and read them all here
    • Content: present an opinion or an idea, evidence-based and short, focusing on topics promoted by P4CA. The aim is to highlight an issue, expand on the underlying theme, and suggest an outcome.      
      Format800 to 1300 words in English language, including title and references. 
      Additional information: Short bio of the author in 50 words (maximum authorized – includes titles and organization name, email and web link)
  • RESEARCH: We are readying a group of academics from across the world to work on a piece of research entitled: Climate change and urban planning: state of the profession. The research will take a two-pronged approach on how well integrated climate action is into 1) urban planning curricula and 2) practice. If you are an academic working in this field and would like to contribute to your region’s research, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
  • COURSE MANUALS REPOSITORY: The repository is being updated of the UN-Habitat website. We will be able to release content next month. Thank you for your patience.
  • MEMBERSHIP: We now count 18 members organizations and more than 280 affiliates

(163 confirmed and 118 in the process)! How exciting!

    • WORLD URBAN FORUM 10, 8-13 February 2020, Abu Dhabi: P4CA will organize its annual members meeting during the Forum (date to be confirmed). Two requests for a side-event and a training event have been submitted by GPEAN and CAP to the WUF10 Secretariat. We will inform you if approved and share details about the events. Find more info about the Forum here.
    • PLEASE CHECK THE P4CA CALENDAR and SHARE WITH US your upcoming events in order to update the calendar.

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