the Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) is launching a competition of ideas with the aim of reconsidering its road infrastructure, and we encourage professionals in urban planning to participate in it.

The AMB is the public administration of the metropolitan territory of Barcelona; it spans over an area of ​​636 km² and consists of 36 municipalities, where more than 3.2 million people live.

The metropolitan area is a territorial, social, demographic, economic and cultural reality that has been shaping over the last century, as a result of the growth of urban systems in the Barcelona area and the connections amongst them.

Organising people's mobility collectively is very relevant to the spatial construction of the urban environment and public space. When the mobility model is based only on the individual use of cars and the construction of segregated networks, the city and the public space undergo serious consequences, including the generation of barriers, the breaking of local network continuities, the segregation of urban fabrics and natural spaces...

Currently, the AMB is drafting the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan (PDU), which is an urban planning instrument that can directly influence the resolution of these conflicts. The PDU seeks efficient mobility on a human scale, sustainable with both people and the territory, bringing cohesion and structuring the metropolitan area to maximise flows of people rather than vehicles.

In order to favour a change of the mobility model, it is very important to generate a debate about mobility infrastructure and its relationship with the city.

The AMB proposal for this competition of ideas is a process of technical participation linked and aligned with the PDU objectives, whose purpose is twofold: to gather strategies and commitment to reconsider the future role of metropolitan road infrastructure and its territorial fit, and to exemplify them in the areas where different parts of the road infrastructure meet: the junctions.

The AMB has defined six areas to work on, which are spread throughout the metropolitan territory. Participants are invited to choose one or several of them and make a proposal.

You can access the technical and administrative specifications by clicking here.

You can access a summary of the competition and a non-official translation of the specifications by clicking here.

The deadline for submitting applications to participate is February 28th, 2020.

For further information about the Metropolitan Urban Master Plan, please click here.

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