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The RFSC is a web tool that was created to enable the implementation of the Leipzig Charter for Sustainable European Cities following the Declaration of Marseille of European Ministers responsible for Sustainable Cities. In November 2008, a joint governance of all Members States, the European Commission as well as Local authorities Networks decided to take part in its development and testing. European Member States mandated the French government to lead this joint initiative.

Since 2008, a key European vision has been developed with the contribution of sustainable city experts from a wide range of backgrounds. The report “Cities of Tomorrow – Challenges, visions, ways forward” (European Commission, DG Regional Policy 2011) synthesises the principles of the European sustainable urban development model.

This new version of the Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities takes its inspiration from this vision and from the challenges and cross cutting ways forward that have been identified. The Framework will be regularly updated so as to stay up-to-date with the current developments of the EU Urban Agenda. More broadly it will keep track of all kind of initiatives contributing to the scaling up and mainstreaming of sustainable cities across Europe.

RFSC helps key city actors develop and implement plans and strategies for attractive and sustainable cities, hence its name, the Reference Framework for Sustainable Cities. This online European framework of 30 sustainable objectives supports the delivery of the Leipzig Charter and of the European common vision for sustainable cities. Its agenda: fostering integrated urban development for small, medium and big cities all across Europe.

The management team of RFSC is composed of the French Ministry of Housing and Sustainable Homes, The Council of European Municipalities and Regions, the CEREMA, a public body in support of national and local authorities in the field of sustainable development, and the French network of planning agencies (FNAU).

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