Gilbert Van Schoonbeke - 2019 International Planning Award

Gilbert Van Schoonbeke 2019 International Planning Award entries 2 

Granted by
vzw De Vrienden van het Brouwershuis
With the support of the recommendations committee: Mr Marc Dillen, managing director of VCB
Mrs An Rekkers, director of VRP
Mr Joris Scheers, secretary-general ECTP
Mr Leo Van Broeck, Flemish Building Master
Mrs Ingrid Ceusters, executive president Group Ceusters

By his decisive actions as “project developer” Gilbert Van Schoonbeke had an enormous impact on the development of Antwerp in the 16th century, both on the economic level of activities and on the spatial planning level. The results still determine the spatial experience of this city today.
By issuing our international planningaward in 2019 on the occasion of the commemoration of his birth 500 years ago, we want to draw attention to this lasting achievement that we owe to the Meliator from Antwerp’s Golden Age, who was known from as far as Florence.

The International Gilbert van Schoonbeke Award 2019’s objectives:
To award established or ongoing urban developments expressing a combination of economic and residential developments and achieving a high level of quality in sustainable applications and spatial planning. Submitting a theoretical model does not suffice: its realisation must provide convincing evidence that the premises preceding the plan in the design are also perceptible in reality.
With this award we want to create a forward-looking and innovative impulse of spatial development;
in addition to an interwovenness of human communities and living environments with all
their needs, while also having an eye for the economic aspect of their realisation. The focus
here will primarily be on urban developments in neighbourhoods / districts of European cities located within a perimeter of 1519 km around Antwerp. With the restriction that it must concern a core city of around 40,000 to 100,000 inhabitants, referring to the size of the city of Antwerp at the beginning and at the end of the 16th century; the century of Gilbert van Schoonbeke.
The entry is open to spatial planners, architects, engineering firms, project developers and governments, or better even: a mix of these players into one spatial project.


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