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After the elections of the new National Council of ASSURB — one of our Italian member associations — on 26 October Markus Hedorfer has been elected new president.  The two vice presidents proposed by Hedorfer are Luca Rampado and Giuseppe Segno.  Raffele Di Paolo has been elected secretary general.  Federico Zoccarato has been confirmed as treasurer and Silvano Dalpasso in the conciliation board chair.
For the coming three-year electoral period, among the main objectives announced by the new president can be cited significant improvements in the recruitment and contracting procedures for spatial planners, better visibility in the media, financial robustness, also through conventions with institutions, and creation of more autonomous regional structures to get the members better involved in the association.  A slogan — "One planner for each municipality" — and a commitment: qualification as "European Spatial Planner" through full implementation in ASSURB's Statutes of ECTP's Guidelines of professional competencies in spatial planning.