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January 2018

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The XIIth European Urban and Regional Planning Awards: call is OPEN

Airports, Cities and Urban development

Airports, Cities and urban development
The European Council of Town Planners considers the importance of Airports Cities in the development of metropolitan areas since the beginning of the 20th century.
Aviation and urban planning have developed in parallel over the last century and play together a major role in the future of human society.
Both can be considered in their role of polarization of human activities and planetary diffusion of culture and local specificities.

Through the 12th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards, the European Council of Spatial Planners wishes to reward the best projects, realized or in progress, research and prospective that show how Spatial Planning integrates airports in the development of cities, metropolises and regions.

The European Urban and Regional Planning Award allows the European Council of Spatial Planners to promote the concrete implementation of the Charter of European Planning approved in April 2013 in Barcelona.

Go online for the Info Brochure and the submission form !

LE XIIe GRAND PRIX DE L’URBANISME EUROPEEN 2017 - 2018: l'appel aux projets est OUVERT

Aéroports, Villes et Developpement Urbain

Villes Aéroports
Le Conseil Européen des Urbanistes considère l’importance des Villes Aéroports dans le développement des aires métropolitaines depuis le début du 20è siècle.

L’aviation et l’urbanisme se sont développés en parallèle depuis 1 siècle et jouent ensemble un rôle majeur pour l’avenir de la société humaine.
L’un et l’autre peuvent être considérés dans leur rôle de polarisation des activités humaines et de diffusion planétaire des cultures et des spécificités locales.

A travers le 12è Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme Européen, le Conseil Européen des Urbanistes souhaite récompenser les meilleurs projets, réalisés ou en cours de réalisation, recherches et prospectives qui montrent comment l’urbanisme intègre les aéroports dans le développement des villes, métropoles et régions.

Le Grand Prix de l’Urbanisme Européen permet au Conseil Européen des Urbanistes de valoriser la mise en application concrète pour les territoires de la Charte de l’Urbanisme Européen qu’il a approuvé en avril 2013 à Barcelone.

Rendez-vous en ligne pour obtenir la Brochure d'info et télécharger le formulaire de candidature ! 


Young Planners Workshop 2018

This Edition of Young Planners Workshop is a project shared with 12th European Urban and Regional Planning Awards 2018 organized by ECTP-CEU with the support of Groupe ADP, the Fundation Metropoli and the Committee of the Regions.

In this framework, the ECTP-CEU Young Planners workshop proposes a topic linked to the 12th European Urban and regional Planning Awards: Airports, Cities and urban development.

The participants of the 2018 Young Planners workshop will be integrated in the ECTP-CEU Award Ceremony on May 18th in Paris, by having a common meeting-workshop together with the Ceremony’s participants and Awards winners.

The organization has scheduled a specific session the day preceding the Awards Ceremony for presentations of projects developed by young planners in order to promote discussions and conclusions.

As conclusion of workshop, the ECTP-CEU will publish an e-book with all projects and works developed and presented in the framework of Young Planners Workshop.

Go online to download the full info.



Council of Europe Conference of Ministers in Charge of Spatial Planning CEMAT. 17th session.
Bucarest, 3-4 November 2017
Report by Luc-Emile BOUCHE-FLORIN
ECTP-CEU Honorary President and Official representative

Two declarations were finalized for the approval:
Resolution N°1 on Functional areas – Capitalisation of local potential in territorial development policies over the European Continent.
Resolution N°2 on the future of the CEMAT.
See more info online



Spatial Planning Milestones
The Spatial Planning Milestones is a brief rank of events, books, congresses, plans, declarations, principles and concepts that contributed to Spatial Planning and to the quality of life in Europe. The biggest American Spatial Planning Milestones are also included. Its purpose is to give a global idea of Spatial Planning´s evolution from 1700, including major historical events, such as discoveries, new technologies, major social and political upgrades, global crises and wars. It also provides with an idea about which major problem defined each period and how spatial planning contributed to the solution. We focused milestones in the mainstream and also those that where considered importante only some decades after.
This website includes the Spatial Planning Milestones, the Main Milestones of each Decade and the Great Milestones of the Century. The possibility to access another website with more detailed information on each Spatial Planning Milestone’s will soon be made available. Feel free to contribute to the Spatial Planning Milestones, in one of three ways: a) by answering to the inquiry about the Main or the Great Milestones; b) and/or by proposing new ones to be added; c) by suggesting improvements on existing ones.

This project aims to organize in timeline main facts and events that contributed greatly to spatial planning, from the beginning of the first Industrial Revolution until now. You can propose one or more facts and events: books, congresses, plans, projects, papers, new laws, new policies, new cities, public works, etc. 
This project was coordinated by João Pereira Teixeira [former President 2009-2011 and vice-president 2011-2013 of the European Council of Spatial Planners] and developed with the contribution of a vast number of experts from public administration, universities, spatial planning consultancy and corporative associations. The outcome is therefore their merit. 
Future contributions are very welcome and we thank you in advance.

We thank you for your cooperation.
João Pereira Teixeira
Nuno Ventura Bento

==>> go to the Spatial Planning Milestones website Spatial Planning Milestones website 


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