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Young Planners 2020 e-book



Two new ECTP-CEU PUBLICATIONS and TWO WEBINARS to get to know them!

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The ECTP-CEU Young Planners 2020 e-book is released

Young planners 2020 ebook s

ECTP-CEU Young Planners Workshop 2020:

The aim of this year workshop was to question and understand the dynamics and interactions between cultural heritage, conservation, sustainability and the planning context. These fields have been regarded as opposing practices by some, although it has long been accepted that good planning is necessary and also responsible for conservation to date in many countries.

The call for papers made it possible to obtain 24 abstract from 24 teams composed of 39 participants from eight countries (Ireland, UK, Norway, Poland, Italy, Spain, Serbia and Greece).

Finally, after a long, intense and fruitful work, done under the current conditions - with no opportunity to meet in person - 15 final papers are included in the E-book produced. The outcome of the workshop is an excellent opportunity to broaden research on the topic of Heritage in a Planning Context from various perspectives.

ECTP-CEU invites you to participate in a two-hour webinar 

Friday November 27, 2020  4PM - 6PM Brussels time

  • Introduction by  Michael Stein, ECTP-CEU President
  • Introduction by Vladan Djokic
  • Presentations and Explanations of 15 projects
  • Q&A by participants.

Info on the workshop and access to the e-book:  

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ECTP-CEU approved during its last General Assembly the “RE-START-EUROPE” Declaration for an inclusive and just post-Covid future for all communities.

Spatial planners across Europe felt the need to reflect on the effects of the current crisis on our future living and working environment.

This Declaration seeks to harness the creative power and technical expertise of spatial planners in tackling the social and economic crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic. It has amplified inequalities and exposed the fragilities in societies across Europe, impacting the short term, but threatening the medium and long-term wellbeing of communities across Europe.

Besides a preamble and an annex with mega-trends, this Declaration sets out the principles that must be applied in the Recovery plans for Europe.
ECTP invites you to participate in a one-hour webinar
Thursday December 10, 2020 4PM - 5PM Brussels time
* Introduction by Michael Stein, ECTP-CEU President 
* Explanation of Re-draft Manifesto by Vincent Goodstadt 
* Reaction by someone from German presidency (tbc) 
* Q&A by participants moderated by Joris Scheers, ECTP-CEU Secretary General

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The Manifesto will be available as from December 10 2020

ECTP CEU RESTART Manifesto 2020



The New European Bauhaus
Making the Renovation Wave a Cultural Project

The ECTP-CEU, in collaboration with the representative European organisations of architects, spatial planners, landscape architects, interior architects, engineers, designers, artists, educators and researchers of the built environment, welcomes the New European Bauhaus initiative put forward by the President of the European Commission as part of the Renovation Wave strategy.

Clic here to view the English version of the statement

Cliquer ici pour la version française de la déclaration


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