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The XIII Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners:
"Planning on the edge"
Plymouth 11-13 SEPTEMBER, 2019
Registration date extended to 31/08/2019

Plymouth City Council, along with Plymouth University, are busy preparing for the ECTP-CEU Biennial which will be held on 11th – 13th September, 2019 in Plymouth.

Come to Plymouth to experience a city which has won many awards for its exciting and visionary planning!

The full programme has now been published and it offers a diverse range of European speakers who will talk about their experiences of planning in their country.
See the full programme here

and register by August 31st 2019 here 

Young Planners!

There will be presentations from young planners across Europe, covering a wide range of subjects around the theme of 'planning on the edge'.


There is a special low fee for students.

For the future generation of planners, there are chances to network, and meet new friends which will open up Europe for you!

The website includes travel and accommodation details – and if you come by train, the rail link in Devon is one of the most beautiful railways in England.

Book now! Come and see what the ECTP can do for you and we look forward to seeing you in Plymouth. 

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II. News from ECTP-CEU Members

1. News from ZUUPS, SLOVAKIA

ZUUPS – Slovak Association for Urban and Regional Planning, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

The Association is permanently active on the necessity of promotion/enlightment of the continual, sustainable, integrated and responsible planning process. Reason of this necessity is more-less in absence of long-term development strategy even on the state level.

The Association wants to reach even for each settlement (towns and communes) long-term 15-20 years development plans, i.e. planning on all levels of our society. Planning is introduced as the societal agreement created on two main priorities: the public utility and sustainability of the life quality.
At the beginning of 2019 a special number of the Slovak Architectural Review „Project 1/2019“ with together 15 important articles on the most topical theme of urban and regional planning (on 60 pages with a lot of colored pictures) was issued. Also ECTP-CEU at its fourth decade of its activities was introduced there.
In April 2019 a seminar on „Protection of Monuments in the Urban-Architectonical-Landscape Creation“ which the European Fund of Regional Development from the BENEFIT-Interreg CE project supported was implemented by ZUUPS.

This year already the 6th competition for urban, regional and landscape planners „Prize of ZUUPS 2019“ was declared as the first round of the ETCP-CEU European Urban and Regional Planning Awards 2020. Minister of the transport and construction of the Slovak Republic took the sponsorship over this national competition. Works not older as three years could be presented.

ZUUPS is active in preparatory works on Action Plan for Climate Change Adaptation which would successfully contribute to the Agenda 2030 goals. Together with the Slovak Environmental Agenda, ZUUPS prepared the Czech-Slovak Conference on Contaminated Sites (Piešťany, Slovakia June 19-21, 2019), where a special block of lectures on Landscape Exhibitions as a Tool of Revitalization of the Contaminated Sites was prepared.
An important professional meeting (level of a conference) to the new Building Act in Slovakia is under preparation by ZUUPS (Martin-City, November 13, 2019). The winners of urban and regional planning national ZUUPS 2019 competition will be declared within the meeting and also the Urban Agenda will be presented for the public there.
ZUUPS is also active on the discussion to the new study subjects at the universities in Slovakia. Its priority in this sphere is to enhance the level of Spatial Planning and the Landscape Architecture at the University level.

Call from Association of Croatian Urban Planners

Sandra Jakopec, president

sava park zagreb

The initiative to call upon this matter has been the recent article on ArchDaily website showcasing the finalist work from Superspace for the Zagreb Observation tower competition. We would very much appreciate it if you would publish this letter as a whole document since it is an explicit portrait of a topic we are addressing.
In light of recent local realities which our city of Zagreb is facing, we as local and national professional bodies: Zagreb Society of Architects, Association of Croatian Urban Planners, Croatian Chamber of Architects, University of Zagreb Faculty of Architecture and Croatian Association of Landscape Architects, would like to open up a general discussion regarding the possible negative scenarios that might be reoccurring in other places as well, so please take this as a valuable insight. The initiative to call upon this matter has been the recent article on ArchDaily website showcasing the finalist work from Superspace for the Zagreb Observation tower competition.
->> full letter



III. Other News

Planners for Climate Action communique during the UN high level political forum 2019

2019 High-level political forum on sustainable development
Planners call for better integrating urban planning practices in strategies to achieve SDG 13 and effectively combat climate change and its impact.
New York, 9 July 2019
As the United Nations High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development opens, the community of urban and regional planners under the umbrella of Planners for Climate Action (P4CA)1 wishes to convey its views on the implementation of SDG 13: Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.
read more

Gilbert Van Schoonbeke - 2019 International Planning Award

Gilbert Van Schoonbeke 2019 International Planning Award entries 2 

Granted by
vzw De Vrienden van het Brouwershuis
With the support of the recommendations committee: Mr Marc Dillen, managing director of VCB
Mrs An Rekkers, director of VRP
Mr Joris Scheers, secretary-general ECTP
Mr Leo Van Broeck, Flemish Building Master
Mrs Ingrid Ceusters, executive president Group Ceusters

By his decisive actions as “project developer” Gilbert Van Schoonbeke had an enormous impact on the development of Antwerp in the 16th century, both on the economic level of activities and on the spatial planning level. The results still determine the spatial experience of this city today.
By issuing our international planningaward in 2019 on the occasion of the commemoration of his birth 500 years ago, we want to draw attention to this lasting achievement that we owe to the Meliator from Antwerp’s Golden Age, who was known from as far as Florence.

The International Gilbert van Schoonbeke Award 2019’s objectives:
To award established or ongoing urban developments expressing a combination of economic and residential developments and achieving a high level of quality in sustainable applications and spatial planning. Submitting a theoretical model does not suffice: its realisation must provide convincing evidence that the premises preceding the plan in the design are also perceptible in reality.
With this award we want to create a forward-looking and innovative impulse of spatial development;
in addition to an interwovenness of human communities and living environments with all
their needs, while also having an eye for the economic aspect of their realisation. The focus
here will primarily be on urban developments in neighbourhoods / districts of European cities located within a perimeter of 1519 km around Antwerp. With the restriction that it must concern a core city of around 40,000 to 100,000 inhabitants, referring to the size of the city of Antwerp at the beginning and at the end of the 16th century; the century of Gilbert van Schoonbeke.
The entry is open to spatial planners, architects, engineering firms, project developers and governments, or better even: a mix of these players into one spatial project.

Call for entries info


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