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The XIII Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners: “Planning on the edge” Plymouth 11-13 SEPTEMBER, 2019 

Plymouth City Council, along with Plymouth University, are busy preparing for the ECTP-CEU Biennial which will be held on 11th – 13th September, 2019 in Plymouth. Plymouth is a very interesting city with a long maritime history, which in recent years has received many accolades for its planning. Plymouth City is the only city in the UK to have won the RTPI’s prestigious silver cup for good planning. 

The theme of the conference is entitled ‘Planning on the Edge’, relating not just to those regions of Europe which are furthest from their capital, but also to marine and coastal edges, as well as the economic and social edges of our society. With its rebuilt and re-modelled city centre; its spectacular Plymouth Hoe from where mariners have looked across the Atlantic; its famous railway line from London, designed and engineered by Isambard Kingdom Brunel; and its recent re-generation of naval dockyards, planners all over Europe have something to learn from Plymouth!

Please register your interest, by seeing the conference website at: 

Transport to and from Plymouth is included on the website. The nearest airport is Bristol Airport, which is connected to many European destinations, and from where there is an hourly coach to Plymouth. Train enthusiasts can take a train from Bristol Temple Meads Station (also good connections to London) which passes along the Devon coast and is known to be one of the most beautiful railway lines in the UK.

Further details about this ECTP-CEU biennial and previous ones can be found on the website:  Here you can read about the excellent exchanges of ideas, and the meeting of new friends which characterise the biennial.

This Biennial also welcomes the conclusion of the ECTP-CEU Young Planners Workshop 2019 as well as the ECTP-CEU Autumn 2019 General Assembly

13th Bien Logo FINAL s


At the General Assembly in Madrid of May 2019, the new exco was constituted; Henk van der Kamp and Ignacio Peman arriving at the end of their mandate.
The new exco has a mandate for two years, running from the 2019 Autumn GA until the 2021 Autumn GA.
We welcome the two new members:
• Rachel Ivers (Ireland)
• Chantal Guillet (France)
The new Executive Committee will be (as from September 13):
• Michael Stein (D) President & Treasurer
• Janet Askew (UK) Vice President
• Joris Scheers (B) Secretary General
• Rachel Ivers (Ie) Administrator
• Vladan Djokic (RS) Administrator
• Chantal Guillet (F) Administrator

Airports Manifesto  

We are proud to announce the release of our latest publication.
This Manifesto on Airports and Cities in Europe was approved by the 2019 General Assembly of the ECTP-CEU at its Spring meeting in Madrid.
It was prepared after research by the ECTP-CEU Working Group members Dominique Lancrenon and Joris Scheers, the European Urban and Regional Planning Awards jury members and the ECTP-CEU Executive Committee.
This Manifesto is elaborated with the kind support of Groupe ADP.

see / download here
ECTP CEU Airports Manifesto s

Urban Development

On June 14 2019, the Ministers Responsible for Urban Development gathered in Bucharest in order to discuss the proceedings in the Territorial Agenda and the Urban Agenda for the EU. The Bucharest declaration was adopted. As one of the important European stakeholders, ECTP-CEU was invited at this Ministerial summit.

Territorial Agenda and the Urban Agenda for the EU s


II. News from ECTP-CEU Members

1. News from AETU, SPAIN

AETU hosted the last ECTP-CEU General Assembly in Madrid, May 9-10
A specific conference with debates on Urban Agenda was also organised

  • Ángela de la Cruz Mera. Deputy Director of Urban Policies. Spanish Ministry of Development : The Spanish Urban Agenda 2.0: participatory process and action plan.
  • Borja López Rodríguez. AETU´s representative, member of the Spanish Urban Agenda WG: The role of spatial planners in the implementation of New Urban Agendas.
  • Carmen Moreno Balboa & María López Martínez.
    Analysis of New Local Urban Agenda’s implementation: keys to success.

Relevant New Urban Agenda European experiences

  • Joris Scheers. Spatial planner and Sociologist. Flander´s Government Policy advisor. ECTP-CEU’s Secretary-General. Implementing the Urban Agenda: European reflections.
  • Gerhard Vittinghoff. Civil Engineer. Spatial Planning consultant. ECTP-CEU’s Austrian delegate. Housing Policy in Austria: special reference to Vienna and Graz.
  • Kent Håkull. Head of Haugesund’s Planning división. ECTP-CEU´s Norwegian Delegate. The energy in Norway´s urban agenda: Examples of municipal transportation and housing strategies. 
  • João Teixeira. Civil Engineer and Spatial Planner. President of Lisbon and Tagus Valley Regional Development Commission. Circular Economy and Urban and Regional Metabolism: the new paradigms of Spatial Planning.

Links to the available presentations

 2. News from Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI) / UK

A Future for Planning’. The Royal Town Planning Institute (UK and Ireland) has just published a book entitled ‘A Future for Planning’, based on papers on the global challenges for planning, written by the RTPI for international audiences in 2014. The new book, authored by Michael Harris (former head of research at the RTPI), is taking this further to look at why planning is so important for taking responsibility for the challenges of the 21st century. It attempts to answer the question as to why, in a neo-liberal world, planning is so much under attack. Published by Routledge, discounted copies are available from the RTPI (£19.00) by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

RTPI International Strategy. The RTPI is busy re-writing its international strategy and as part of its international work, its president always visits the conferences of other professions. This year, Mr Ian Tant has visited the American Planning Association,,69PFE,V2CL8B,OQBJC,1 as well as the Planning Institute of Australia and is about to join the Canadian Institute of Planners to celebrate its centenary. The RTPI places great importance on making links with other professional associations, to share and exchange knowledge and ideas with planners everywhere.

Janet Askew, Vice-President of ECTP-CEU. Janet Askew, the UK’s representative on the ECTP-CEU was pleased to announce to RTPI members that she has been elected to be the vice-president of the ECTP-CEU for 2019-2020. Her ambition for the ECTP-CEU is to extend its reach and influence. She is working to inform UK planners about the importance of the links between the UK and the rest of Europe, a project to which she is committed. In a recent speech to the RTPI General Assembly, she outlined the work of the ECTP-CEU, and urged UK planners to sign up to the ‘European Charter on Participatory Democracy’, published in 2015.

3. News from Forum for Kommunal Planlegging (FKP) / Norway

National expectations for regional and municipal planning 2019–2023
National expectations were adopted by Royal Decree on May 14, 2019. Every four years, the Government will present national expectations of regional and municipal planning to promote sustainable development throughout the country. The national expectations will be followed up in the county municipalities' and municipalities' work on planning strategies and plans, and will form the basis for the government authorities' participation in the planning.

In addition to an initial chapter on planning as a tool for holistic and sustainable development, the expectation document is divided into four main themes.
Growing regions and communities across the country
Sustainable land and transport development
Cities and towns where it is good to live and live
State planning guidelines and state planning regulations
Royal Decree: Deciding national expectations for regional and municipal planning
National expectations for regional and municipal planning 2019–2023

Attractive city 2019
Bergen has been named the country's most attractive city in 2019. Bergen, Moss and Voss competed to become Norway's most attractive city in 2019. This year's three finalists are characterized by having gone through major changes and are role models for good and future-oriented development.
Bergen is Norway's most attractive city in 2019

Urban area transformation - a review of international literature
On behalf of the Ministry of Local Government and Modernization, the OsloMet / Urban and Regional Research Institute NIBR has gone through the main features of the international peer-reviewed literature on urban area transformation.

Urban area transformation - a review of international literature
Reports on planning, geodata, urban and location development

4. News from University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture

7th International interdisciplinary event ON ARCHITECTURE organized by STRAND - Sustainable Urban Society Association started in the early June 2019.

The two days Conference with the topic CHALLENGES IN ARCHITECTURE, URBAN DESIGN AND ART was held at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture on 7-8 June 2019.

Second part of the event will be an Exhibition in December 2019.

At the Conference invited Keynoters and participants discussed complexity and various meanings of architecture, urban design and art. The topics also considered were different processes and trends that contribute to new aesthetic and functionalism: globalization, new approaches to design, innovative technologies, projects, and materials. The interdisciplinary approach was a milestone in defining thematic blocks:

- Modeling the Future - modeling of the future architecture and design with implications for the environment and society,
- Going Digital - innovations in contemporary life in the digital age,
- Urban Design Projects - small scale design thinking and town planning as an inspiration for integrative planning,
- Architecture and/or Art - inspiration for creating
- New Methodology - learning through new resilient, smart and innovative methodology researches,
- Showcase Presentations - new idea or project realization in Architecture, Urban Design or Art.

Introductory lectures have provided a framework within thematic blocks. Please browse more about Keynoters at

Participants came from 8 countries and the Conference was opened by the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture University of Belgrade, professor Vladan Djokic, member of the Executive Committee ECTP.

The event is also supported by the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts. At the Gallery of Science and Technology, the Exhibition of the same theme will be held in December as a second part of the event. You can apply for the exhibition through website

5. News from STPA (Serbia)

The Serbian Town Planners Association (STPA) successfully organised 28th INTERNATIONAL URBAN PLANNERS EXHIBITION in Ruma (Serbia), November 8-15, 2018. Urban Planners exhibitions are the biggest gatherings of urbanism-related professionals in Serbia and neighbouring countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina / Republika Srpska, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia). STPA received more than 150 works (mainly urban plans and urban design projects), of which 1/5 were be student works, which is approximately the increase of 20% relating previous years;

The STPA successfully organised the 15th Summer School of Urbanism. This is a major annual Serbian-language conference in the field of urbanism and nearby fields. This year, the conference was held in the historic city of Sombor, May 30–June 1, 2019. The main topics were: (1) Urban Planning in New Law – Explanations, Experience and Desires; (2) The Analysis of the Implementation of the New Law on the Procedure of Registration In Real Estate Cadastre; (3) National Geodata Infrastructure – Geoserbia, New Content; RGA – The Legalisation Of Illegally Built Buildings; and (4) The Future In The Front Of Us! How It Looks? Approximately 120 experts in urbanism and nearby fields participated at the conference;

Our Association STPA has got a more prominent role in engineering field in Serbia due to the reorganisation of Serbin Chamber of Engineers, which abolished the separate section of urban planners and urban designers; and is very active in ongoing discussions regarding the modifications and additions on the operative Serbian Law on Planning and Constructions.
The main objective of STPA the future is to improve website and to enhance its presence in social media, especially relating the exchange of information between Serbian and international levels.


A confrence is in preparation for November:

100 ans après la loi Cornudet, quelle ambition pour l'urbanisme aujourd'hui ?
Colloque les 8 et 9 novembre 2019 à la Métropole du Grand Lyon

See more information here : 


Territories have no physical boundaries, professionals talk to each other. For Urban Passion and VRP (Vereniging voor Ruimte in Planning) launch a new approach: (A) threesome. Observe, understand, exchange operational planning practices to enable Flemish, Walloon and Brussels planners and urban planners to discuss common issues. The kickoff is given on June 27 in Namur. On October 3rd and 4th, in Kortrijk.



ASSURB Awards: Deadline extended until 31 July

Every three years, ASSURB, the Italian association of town, spatial and environmental planners, organises a competition for the best graduation or PhD thesis in spatial planning or related themes. Besides a cash prize of 1,000 Euros, the winner(s) is entitled to represent ASSURB at the 2020 edition of ECTP's Young Planners Workshops and — if operating in Italy — to be an ASSURB full member for free during 2020. The deadline for presenting the materials has been extended to 31 July 2019. The winner will be proclaimed in September 2019. To be eligible to participate the candidate(s) must bear a BSc o MSc in spatial planning. More info at (all information in the Italian language).

ASSURB is at "Urbanpromo Green" Conference in Venice

After one year of absence, during the 2019 edition of "Urbanpromo Green" Conference (19-20 September in Venice), ASSURB will organise a parallel session about evaluation of territorial sustainability. Key speakers during the session will be Alessandro Calzavara (President of ASSURB), Franco Alberti (Veneto Regional Administration), Gianfranco Brambilla (Higher Health Institute), Markus Hedorfer (ASSURB delegate to the ECTP) and Stefano Soriani (Ca' Foscari University of Venice). 



III. Next European meetings or Congresses

1.- Press Conference for LANDSUPPORT in Brussels on 3 July

LANDSUPPORT stands for “Development of Integrated Web-Based Land Decision Support System Aiming Towards the Implementation of Policies for Agriculture and Environment”

The project aims at developing a web-based, open-access GeoSpatial Decision Support System (S-DSS) devoted to reconciling agriculture, environmental sustainability and policy implementation.
Overall, the S-DSS will contribute to the development and implementation of land use policies in Europe, and it will promote an integrated and participatory approach towards rural development and environmental policies allowing, among others, evaluation of trade-offs between different land uses.

Press conference is in Brussels, on July 3rd.
See here for details



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