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June 2018






The XIIth European Urban and Regional Planning Awards (2018)
Airports, Cities and Urban Development

When evaluating the presented projects, the jury looked for the integration between cities and airport as their main quality.
Inside the airport domain, it evaluated how the built environment, the public spaces and services are structured so as to allow the users a sense of belonging to the local territory, and to recognize its cultural and social identity.
Outside the domain of the airport, the way surrounding neighborhoods, cities and centers access and benefit, fluidly and comfortably, from the development of the airport area, was a key concern.

awards2018 Newsletter

two projects were nominated by the jury:
The Dublin Project
The Barcelona Project

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Young Planners Workshop 2018

The 7th Edition of the ECTP-CEU Young Planners workshop 2018 was concluded on the 18th May at Maison de l'environnement de l'aéroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle in the context of the The XIIth European Urban and Regional 2018 Planning Awards

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13th Biennial of European Towns and Town Planners 2019 : CALL IS OPEN

The call is open for hosting the future ECTP-CEU Biennial 2019 is open until next 15th July 2018.
Further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



II. News from ECTP-CEU Members

- The First Central Eastern European Planning Conference was held in Budapest May 23rd-24th 2018; organized by Hungarian Society for Urban Planning (MUT) with support from the ECTP-CEU
see here for info

 - ASSURB, Italy. Important recognition as professional advisor to Municipalities. :
ASSURB, INU (National Institute of Urbanistics), SIEP (Italian Society of Landscape Ecology), CATAP (Co-ordination of technical-scientific associations for the environment and landscape) and TCI (Italian Touring Club), representing the network of signatories of the Manifesto for the River Po, and the River Po Basin Authority signed a Memorandum of understanding for the co-ordination of actions in the hydrographic district of the river Po in Parma on 29 May 2018, exactly one year after the presentation of the Manifesto itself.

The agreement aims to favour a protection and promotion strategy for the territory affected by the river Po, 652 km in length, with about 74.000 km² and 16 million inhabitants. Research and planning activities concerning environmental issues will be co-ordinated to achieve a sustainable development of the territory.
The commitment assumes therefore social and economic importance for an extensive area by re-cognising the Manifesto network an institutional operational role. It sets out the primary value of the environment, which — as emphasised for a long time by ASSURB and the Italian school of town planning — permeates all levels of planning and hence actually turns it into a territorial matter under the direct responsibility of co-ordinating spatial planners.

The model of governance underlying the memorandum overcomes the “same plan for different realities” idea by estab-lishing an ad hoc but at the same time formal approach. ASSURB is proud to be able to contribute actively to this large project, which is meaningful also beyond the Italian borders.

- UHU - ACUP Croatia Association presented out association and ECTP activities at the annual congress of Croatian chamber of Architect in Rovinj. link: 

- AETU annual congress held on last 8th-9th June in Cadiz (Spain) on the topic Irregular urbanizations in rural areas and protected land to analyze recommendations, instruments and intervention criteria. In the seminar also held a round table of representatives of Regional Governments to analyzes its policies on territorial and planning. Further information

- IPI Irish Planning Association
March 2018.- The IPI organized last 7th March 2018 to 10th March 2018 a European Planning Conference to the municipality of El Prat Barcelona last March 2018 - . A delegation of 20 Irish planners was welcomed by the deputy mayor of El Prat - Sergio Alegre Calero. The event was also attended by Ignacio Peman - President of ECTP who travelled from his neighboring province to attend the event. The conference focused on the relationship between the municipality and El Prat Airport as well as the Port of Barcelona and provided the delegation with some great insights in relation to infrastructure development.
April 2018.- The IPI held its annual conference last 19th-20th April 2018 in Tralee in County Kerry. The conference was attended by over 300 planners and continues to be a very successful annual planning event in Ireland.
Further information

May 2018 - The recently introduced fast track Strategic Housing legislation in Ireland is demonstrating its ability to deliver quality planning decisions in relation to the provision of housing units in a significantly reduced timescale thereby contributing towards solutions to Irelands housing crisis. Further information:
June 2018 - The IPI President (Joe Corr) and Branches Coordinator (Brendan Allen) traveled to London to address a seminar organised by the London Irish Town Planners Network. The seminar explored the differences between the Irish National Planning Framework and its UK equivalent.

- Town Planning Association of Serbia (UUS)
Summer School of Town Planning, organized by Town Planning Association of Serbia in Bijeljina from 31st May until 2nd June. There were 3 main topics: 1. Modification of Law on Planning and Construction, 2. Geo-Serbia, Urban Land Consolidation and 3. Development Corridors of Serbia and South-Eastern Europe. More than 100 urban planners from all around Serbia, but also from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina attended the Summer school. 34 papers were presented during the three days and invited speakers were: the representative of the Ministry of Civil Engineering and spatial planning of Republic Srpska BiH, Director of Institute of Geodesy, and representative of the local Town Planning Institute.
further information

 - From DUPPS / TSPAS (Slovenia)
March 2018: At the Faculty of civil engineering and Geodesy, University of Ljubljana, we opened an exhibition celebrating 60 years of TSPAS and the Max Fabiani Award.
June 2018: On Friday, June 1, 2018, the Museum of Architecture and Design in Ljubljana hosted the 29th Sedlar Meeting of Urban and Spatial Planners of Slovenia, this time entitled "From Spatial Planning to Spatial Planning".
In addition to the presentations, various discussions took place. This year's wide theme has been reflected in various responses and opinions. In the last discussion, we set up the draft conclusions of the meeting, which we will, as usual, announce soon.
More at the TSPAS home page(


III. European Urban Agenda

1.- Housing
Seminar on Affordable housing for inclusive cities Seminar held on the 16 May at Gothenburg European Office in Brussels.

2.- Urban Poverty
the Urban Agenda for the EU Partnership on Urban Poverty, coordinated by France and Belgium, presented its Action Plan in January 2018

 3- New EUKN publication: “One year Pact of Amsterdam” report



- AESOP Annual Congress in Gothenburg Making Space for Hope 10 to 14 July 2018

 - 54th ISOCARP Congress in Bodø, Norway, Bodø, Norway, 1-5 October 2018on “Cool Planning: Changing Climate and our Urban Future”. Call For Contributions Open Now


V. Next European meetings or Congresses

- The 9th edition of the Child in the City World Conference in Vienna, Austria will hold from 24th – 26th of September in Vienna. This international event is a joint project of the Child in the City Foundation and the City of Vienna.





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